The Greeting 
The  Greeting  from  the  Founder  and 
International   Jangmookido  Federation
President    Jonny Edvinsson 

Welcome to International Jangmookido Federation official website and Global Jangmookido family.

The aim of the Jangmookido is to teach the unique traiditional Korean long pole martial art Jangmookido throughout the world and make it available to everyone with an interest for fun, challenging and effective weapon training!
Han Moosa Dojang - Korean Warrior School is the world headquarters of the highest standard of the excellent martial art of Jangmookido.  My school is something out of the ordinary. Besides the art Jangmookido, we teach other popular Korean styles as well Hapkido, Taekwondo and Haidong gumdo.

I not only teach martial arts techniques, I build character through the development of inner-strength, courage, vision, respect, and discipline.

 Jangbong training  (martial arts) is very good for everyone. I have noticed that children perform better in school and adults get new energy and creates power and balance in our stressful world.
Get experience of the uniques Korean long pole flows and transform your mind and body for a better lifestyle.

I have worked hard and the future of Jangmookido looks bright. I know that with the right education training can I get the best instructors. I have focusing on bringing ancient longpole traditions to our modern world for many years now, and I will welcomes you, who feel challenged to take the first step to become a skilled Jangmookido instructor.        It is the will to evolve, which is the foundation of the Jangmookido spirit.  

The instructor education is based on attention to detail and therefore it is no surprise that Jangmookido instructors are ranked the finest longpole masters in the world.   
As an approved instructor, a Certificate and Dojang rights are obtained. 

Jangmookido - Martial Arts for the whole family
Anyone can learn/practice Jangmookido. Whether you are young or old, male or female, fit or not. Jangmookido have somthing for every body. Start your Jangmookido journey today.

Welcome to the World of Jangmookido!

 Jonny Edvinsson
Founder and President of
International Jangmookido Federation