I`m Jonny Edvinsson, I still remember the movement
I open the door of a dojang for the first time,
its was for me a real discovery, a revelation!


remember the screams, the smell of sweat, the atmosphere filled with considerable concentration and the practising girl in red belt, who made that cool technique, with a balance of speed, power and respect to his opponent, but I also saw that the technologi had a clear deadly purpose. I got a feeling of great community, all have fun despite the hard dynamic training and I remember also, it was quiet in the dojang, the students have focus on what their master instructed, to be able to master the new technologies...

Sure, in a while I will be one of them! 

Several decades have passed, I’ve collacted lots experience and my black belt has begun fringed up and become grey. It was from that moment I was told that people used the title martial arts expert about me. I have not satisfied myself with just practicing only one style, but I have mastered four martial arts styles. Hapkido, Haidonggumdo, Jiu-jitsu and Taekwondo.
I trained other disciplins (weapons) as well, Jangbong and Dae-Na-Mu Bong Sul, Bo-Jo jutsu and Kungfu long weapons for many years. Where the foundation is in my long rod weapons experience. Unfortunatebly I have not been able to upgraded me in these weapons, because there has ben no system with only long rod weapons.

I have a great passion for martial arts overall, trained martial arts for over 35 years and long staff is one of my favorite training eqiupments.
My experience with long staff and that there aren’t that many long pole weapons styles to train, then it was obvious to me to created a martial art, modern sport and a weapon art...

a global movement, an authentic meeting of body and mind, based on well-known and popular classic long staff techniques from China, Japan and Korea, with new designed uniques long staff flows. Jangmookido is made for develop all levels of martial arts and fitness enthusiasts, regardless of age or gender can learn this new long staff system. 

Jangmookido is designed to improve  fokus,  strength, power, flexibility, mobility, coordination and breath control.  This development permeates your life.  Jangmookido has somthing for every body!

The Bamboo Longstaff 
is the first weapon you will master in Jangmookido It looks like a regular bamboo stick but depending on how you use it, it can be a deadly weapon. The purpose of bamboo bhong is not to kill.  For us, the bamboo cudgel is much more than just a momentum tool. It’s an extension of the body, organic in matrial, and made to fuse with the organic grip of the hand.  The bamboo is flexible and strong matrial, easy and comfortable to master. We utilize bamboo rod to keep the experience both interesting and dynamically changing. The Long cudgel is a very useful exercise equipment, because it can be used anywhere, regardless of location, only there is some space.
The Establishment 
Through years of training, preparation and mastery of various styles in Korean and Asian martial arts, has the founder jonny edvinsson developed and created the style Jangmookido. By selectively mixed existing ancient combat skills with his own innovations. As a result, has this new modern style Jangmookido a unique varied and extensive arsenal of training (combat) techniques. 

Real studies of true jangbong (longstaff) martial arts must include proper Techniques (Sool) Philosophy (Chul Hak) and Etiquette (Ye Ui). Jangmookido unique learning process is based on the five training principles
Basics, Forms, Sparring, Meditation and Cutting. Each principle has a special purpose for developing the students. Jangmookido philosophy is inspired by the Ancient Warrior and Buddhist Monk. Jangmookido etiquette based on respect, by to bow. This is a basic formal act to show respect to yourself and to other.

The International Jangmookido Federation (IJF) is an Recognized Global Long Weapons Martial Arts Organization, established officially 2017 in order to spread it to the World. Under the leadership of the founder jonny edvinsson continues the organization grow.  Focus area include: Instructor Training, Seminar/Workshops, Competition, Shows and Marketing, Spreading of Jangmookido Internationally, Geup/Dan Promotion Tests, etc.

International Jangmookido Federation stand for an meningful existence:
 Good Friendship • Personal Develpment  • Joy of Training 
The Character of Jangmookido
Ancient elite warriorship meets modern martial arts and sport fitness of long staff health, it is the true character of Jangmookido. Constantly changing and dynamic flowing movements, and the visual power of long staff technologies, catches the eye and the imagination. Elegant, fluent and powerful is one way to describe the Jangmookido. Breathing are essential for both Buddhist Monks and to practise Jangmookido, wich brings the long staff, body and mind into the present moment, effectively and with respect.

The meaning of the Jangmookido training is to become a better you.
To become one with mature, unleash the spontaneous intelligence,
the intuition and balance in everything. 

This constitutes the art of sport Jangmookido to "The Way of Life"  

Welcome to our unique Jangmookido Family!