Official Jangmookido Uniform

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Dobok and Tti
Dobok is the Jangmookido uniform. Do means "Way" and Bok means "Clothing". Jangmookido dobok consists of pants, top and Tti (belt). Except for the top is black and the pants is white in color. The reason why the color of Jangmookido Dobok is black and white is to symbolize energy and power. In our martial art the represents:  Yin - strength and Yang - mind.

To Dobok belongs the coveted belt, Tti. For beginners and children of all ages, the belt is surrounded by mystery and excitement. For those who have been exercising for a long time, the Tti is nothing more than something that keeps up the dobok and a practical information about what level the student holds in terms of technology and the degree obtained. 

The two most importent belts in Jangmookido are...

- White belt -
The beginning of training

- Black belt -
The beginning of understanding

If you look at it historically, the degree is marked by the color of the belt, not primarily a measure of the students technical skill.     Initially the degree shows how far one has come in their mental development.   But the basic for this development is a progressively increased technical skill in concentration, which is also related to a calm mind, as the old masters said:   
 —  With a calm mind you are free from doubt in your training and development.

Jangmookido Dobok

" has taken inspiration from the armor worn by Koguryo Generals and Warriors, symbolizing their strength, agility and self-insight. They protected them in violent epic battles and led them to victory "