Grundare/stilchef Jonny Edvinsson

President and Founder 
 Jonny Edvinsson


  International Jangmookido Federation   

  +46 (0) 703-127 617  

Hanmoosa Dojang - World Headquarters
The Hanmoosa Dojang - The World Headquarters for International Jangmookido Federation,  - is located in the city Linköping, in middle part of Sweden. Under the guidance of jonny edvinsson, our school teaches, the traditional fighting art of Korean Ancient Warrior.

Hanmoosa Dojang
Snickaregatan 35
582 26    Linköping    Sweden
Hanmoosa Dojang training opportunities for the serious student
Serious students are encouraged to come to the Hanmoosa Dojang for extended training periods when possible, as receiving direct transmisson from a true master and founder of an art is a rare and invaluable experience.

Hanmoosa staff can offer assistance in locating Hotels and with other necessary preparations. Please, contact the Hanmoosa Dojang to discuss arrangements.