International Jangmookido Federation

 IJF Stand For An Meaningful Existence:
Good  Fellowship
Personal  Development  
  Joy  of  Training

The International Jangmookido Federation is an recognized global sport organization establised officially 2017 by jonny edvinsson, to spread the spirit of Jangmookido to the world. The IJF is the groverning body for all certified Jangmookido schools worldwide, and they have lifetime membership, that means the certified schools receive training and guidance from a registrered Jangmookido instructor/master, with strict quality training programs and upon completion, distribution uniques gradeuation certificate and Jangmookido black belt.  The official Jangmookido trademarks displayed within the schools, available on our matrials, such as Training uniforms, Federation flag, atc.

Under the leadership of Jonny Edvinsson continues the organization grow. Focus area include: Instructor training, seminar/workshop, competitions, shows and marketing, dissemination of Jangmookido internationally, Gup/Dan promotion tests and more...

The name Jangmookido / Jangmugido is protected and cannot be used without the authorization of the International Jangmookido Federation.

Our Mission...

  • The IJF is the grovering body for the instruction, practice, support and expansion of Jangmookido in the world.                                        ------
  • The IJF will give all students a committed to creating an experience that enchance the combat skills, inner power and philosophy in the spirit of Jangmookido.                                                                         ------
  • The IJF is to complete top level instructors for promoting and expenders the highers standar of excellent martial arts  Jangmookido in the world.                                                                       -------
  • The IJF will work to build a relationship of respect and encourage between the different martial arts style within the Jangmookido organization.                                                                                               --------
  • The International Jangmookido Federation was founded for purpose of protecting, perserving and carry on the classical Korean martial arts and Culture to our modern world.                       --------