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 What is 
 Jangmookido ?
The Flower of Jangmookido The Flower of Jangmookido

Jangmookido is an modern, elegant and powerful Korean long rod martial art. The techniques has a past from the skilled ancient Korean Elite Warriors and unique Buddhist Monk training. The innovation training methods are designed to improve the practitioners overall mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Like the five petals of the Korean national flower;

  —   Mugungwha waving in the wind, have Jangmookido five training principles:

 Basics • Hyung • Dae Ryun • Ki Bub • Bägi 

Each principle has a special purpose for developing the Jangmookido students. This is basic for an extensive study of long rod weapons from Korea. By immersing  themself in the training methods, one will understand Jangmookido beauty as a modern sport and complete training concept.

 The Five Training Principles 

 Main Solo Form

Cudgel Form are the core element in our Martial Art training, teaching the student many of the necessary skills needed when fighting (Dae Ryun - Sparring). Through set movement patterns, the student develops discipline, concentration, enderance and power. Hyung learn you become one with your cudgel, balance, speed and harmony in the beautiful and powerful movments. These skills are essential to everyday life and to practicing our Martial Art.
Basic Techniques

The new students begins with learning a basics such as etiquette, different posture, footwork and how to properly thrusting, stabbing, swinging, spinning and hitting. Handle the cudgel with one hand or both hands while freely controlling the intersity of movements. When you and the cudgel become one, its true power is revealed. Therefor, it takes alot training and constant effort to use the cudgel. Jangmookido training is not very different from the principles of life. 
Precision Techniques

Cutting test or precision technology is Jangmookido in practice, with increase the students focus, strengh, speed, control and accuracy with the weapons. The underlying theories and practice of the pole weapons are harmonized in cutting. Perfection in the Bägi is like a gemstone. It is only a raw stone before grinding, if it is grind you cannot see its inner beauty. The same goes for the precision cutting.
Combat Skills

Combat skills or Sparring is the application of all cudgel practice, against an opponent. Sparring will develop qvick reflexes, timing, confidence, sense of distance, efficiency in combat skills, get out your warrior spirit,  the students use their great Hyung techniques. All element of Jangmookido are essential for effective sparring. The student must apply all their knowledge and skills to overcome an opponent.

Taught a pattern of breath control, the student will learn to slow thier heart rate, and calm themselvs when under pressure. Sitting meditation then advance to the practice of Kicheon, a form of moving meditation,  a mix of ki breathing and dynamic stance flow, is for finding and understanding the combat skills of inner beings and obvious, the student develop a strong control over the self.  
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