Jangookido Techniques
— Precision Technique —

Cutting test or precision technology toward is goals, Jangmookido is in practice, wich increase the pracitioners fokus, strengh, speed, control and accuracy with the weapons. The underlying theories of weapons techniques are mastered through precision training. Harmony of speed, power, reacton time and proper footwork is required to make accurate precision cuttings.

Kinds of Jangmookido precision cutting tests
Cheot-bul Kkeugi - Putting out candles light
Jong-ee begi - Paper cutting
Pan-ja begi - Board breaking
Deon-jeo bägi - Cutting objects in the air
Jip-dan begi - Straw cutting
Dea-na-mu bägi - Bamboo cutting


"Precision is about concentration and confidence in oneself. By clearing the mind of evil thoughts, one can achieve a nature mediative state. It is the key for mastery of  Bägi - Jangmookido"

Jonny Edvinsson


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