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— Main Solo Form —

The main solo forms or movements patterns are the core element of all traditional martial arts and are a training methods that has been deloved to allow you to individually train method of attack and defense. Hyung learn you moving like a ancient Korean elite warrior, when you become one with the long weapons, the practitioner gets the benefits of heigher strenght, fokus, coordination, balance, breath control, timing and speed and harmony in the movements wich leads to healthier lifestyle.


"One should not train the Hyung until one can do them, but train
in main solo forms until one cannot perform them incorrectly"

Jonny Edvinsson
Jangmookido Yougupja Hyung
Jangmookido Yougupja (Keup-grade) Hyung is a series of Pal Jang Sa - The Eight Great Warriors Long Stick. This forms is basic in your Jangmookido trip to the first goal 1 Dan Black Belt.
Pal Jang Sa  
The Eigth Great Warriors Long Stick Forms
  1. Kibon Jangbong
  2. Kicho Jangbong
  3. Cho Geup Jangbong
  4. Joong Geup Jangbong
  5. Goh Geup Jangbong
  6. Dae Geup Jangbong
  7. Sang Geup Jangbong
  8. Mu Geup Jangbong
Jangmookido Youdanja Hyung
Jangmookido Youdanja ( Dan-grade) Hyung has focus on differents kinds of traditional Korean weapons. Mastery of this Hyungs are essential guide for real combat strategy from ancient Korea. 
Jangmookido Youdanja Hyung Manual

1. Dan    Paljangsa - The Eight Great Warriors Bong 
2. Dan    Byungjang Dosul - Military Generals Bong
3. Dan    Byunggi Chongsu - Military Strategies          
4. Dan    Byulkunjik - Special Forces Skills
5. Dan    Hunlyun Dokam - Royal Military                      
6. Dan    Bulgyo Mugi - Buddhist Monk Weapons  
7. Dan    Um & Yang - Yin & Yang Skills                            
8. Dan    Byunghak Tong - Mastery of Military
9. Dan   Jangmookido - The Way of Long Weapons  

Jangmooido Free Hyung
Jangmookido free Hyung or "Ung Yong Ki" called in Korean, "long stick combat dance" embrace culture and history of Korea. This form of training allows the Jangmookido practitioner, in a free and fun way to express their creative sides to music.

When you learn all the basic Jangmookido long stick rotations, you can start creating your own free Ung Yong Ki. Buid different combinations with a mix of long stick rotations, tricks, kicks and body movements etc.

The goal of Ung Yong Ki is:
You should not have to think, everything should go on pure routine, relaxed with full control. With lighting fast long stick rotationer, techniques and music. You can make a unique and cool show.