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Dae Ryun
— Combat Skills —
Combat skills or Sparring is training method where you test skills against a opponent. Sparring will develop qvick reflexes, timing, confidence, sence of distance, effectieny in combat skills, get out your warrior spirit, enurance, toughness and assessment where the practitioner use their great Hyung techniques.

Combat skills can be trained in several different ways in Jangmookido. The beginner level, you will learn predetermined sparring, which is based on synced movements and techniques. There are the Eight Gon Bang forms for 1 dan black belt.

For more advanced students we also have free sparring, self-defense and
situational sparring. Where you learn to throw, lock and kick your opponents.
Once you have mastered the 2 dan black belt. You will learn to be sparring with other weapons, such as  Chang - Spear and Woldo - Halberd.

Dae Ryun

"Perfection in the Dae Ryun is like a  gemstone. It is only a raw stone
before grinding, if it is not grind you cannot see its inner beauty. 
The same goes for the Jangmookido Dae Ryun techniques"

Jonny Edvinsson