Jangmookido Techniques

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The Flower of Jangmookido The Flower of Jangmookido

Jangmookido is an modern, elegant and powerful Korean long rod martial art. The techniques has a past from the skilled ancient Korean elite warriors and unique buddhist monk training. The innovation training methods are designed to improve the practitioners overall mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Like the five petals of the Korean national flower;
 — Mugungwha waving in the wind, have Jangmookido five training principles:


 Basics • Hyung • Dae Ryun • Ki Bub • Bägi 

Each principle has a special purpose for developing the Jangmookido practitioner.
This is the basic for an extensive study of long rod weapons from Korea. 

By immersing themself in the training methods, one will understand Jangmookido
beauty as a weapon sport and complete training concept.