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This site is made for masters and martial arts friends who want to learn more about Jangmookido. Get experience of the real Korean long bamboo stick flow and transform your mind and body for a better Life...       

My name is jonny edvinsson. The first time I test on martial arts i did not know that it would be my life style...      

  When I step in to the Dojang. I remember the screams, the smell of sweat, the atmosphere filled with considerable concentration and the practising girl in blue/red belt who made that cool technique, with a balance of speed, power and respect to his opponent, but I saw that the technologi had a clear deadly purpose. 
However,  I got a feeling of great community, all have fun despite the hard dynamic training and I remember also, it was quiet in the dojang, students have focus on what their master instructs, in order to master the new techniques...
  Sure,  in a while I will be one of them!

Several decades have passed, I‘ve collected lots experience and my black belt has successively become worn, begin to turn gray.
I have not satisfied myself with just practicing  only one style, but I have mastered three martial art styles. Haidong gumdo, Jiu-jitsu and Hapkido.  I trained other species as well, such as Jangbong and Daenamu-bong sul, Bo-Jo jutsu and Kung-fu long weapons for many years, where the foundation is in my long arms experience. Unfortunatebly I have not been able to grade myself in these weapons, because there has been no system with only long pole weapons.

I have a great passion for martial arts overall and long stick is probably one of the favorites. My great experience with long arms and that there aren‘t that many long weapons styles to train, then it was obvious to me to create and found a martial art,  weapon style and a modern sport.       

The new Korean discipline, Jangmookido is including inspired by the Korean Buddhist monk training and the old comprehensive Korean combat manual, Muye Dobo Tongji  written 1789. 
Which is based on the ancient Korean elite warrior class who devoted his life to the study of martial arts, protection and defense of the mother country.

Jangmookido is a form of body work that makes it possible to realize one‘s true self, purity the soul and elevate the spirit of this historical martial art of Korea and practising, perserving and promoting Jangmookido for all years ahead. 

Jangmookido is for those who want to develop in the long arms experience. Of course, are different (not only Korean) disciplines and styles, larges and small martial arts clubs, warmly welcomed to mastery this sport!

What does Jangmookido mean ?
Jangmookido consists of the following 4 Korean words
and can be literally translates as:

   J A N G - Large, Long and Place
   M O O -  Warrior and Fight 
   K I - Energy and Power
  D O - Way or transferred importance of life and philosophy

The name Jangmookido can be translated 
or interpreted in different ways:

   " The great warriors path "

   " The Place where you can study and train the fight
       yourself mentally, physically and spiritually

   " The Way of the Korean Long Pole Weapons "


Character of Jangmookido
Jangmookido is fun and challenging form of exercise based on beautiful and dynamic movements  and the visual power of weapons technologies, catches the eye and the imagination. Elegant, fluent and powerful is one way to describe the Jangmookido. The practitioner of Jangmookido need to have patience, discipline and burning heart warming welcoming to their training. Jangmookido is the real and complete weapons matrial art for fitness and health.  
The Establishment of Jangmookido
Through years of training, preparation and mastery of various styles in Korean and Asian martial arts, has the  founder Jonny Edvinsson developed and created the style Jangmookido.
By selectively mixed existing ancient Korean combat skills with their own innovations. As a result, has this new style Jangmookido a unique, varied and extensive arsenal of combat technique.

Jangmookido learning process is based on serveral training principles: Kibondonjak, Mompulki, Hyung, Dae Ryun, Ki bub, Bägi and Dol Ri Ki. Each principles has a special purpose for developing the practitioner. This is the basic for an extensive study of long pole weapons from Korea. By immersing themselves in the training methods, one will understand Jangmookido beauty as a weapons art and a complete training concept. Jangmookido is the real way of mastery of traditional long pole weapons.

Real studies of true traditional weapons martial arts must include contain proper techniques (sool) philosophy (Chul Hak) and etiquette (Ye Ui) Jangmookido philosophy is based on the ancient warrior principles and Korean buddhist philosophy. This two promotes the ideals which Jangmookido stand for: to learn valuable lessons from traditional long pole weapons study and supplying them into our lives in order to live a better lifestyle. Jangmookido etiquette is about conduct based on respect, by to bow. This is a basic formal act to show respect to yourself and to other. Develop mentally, physially and spiritually as well respect other people is the right way for Jangmookido.

Ranking in Jangmookido is based on age. Grading for talented students and lincensed instructors sentenced in different ways. Although the word degree and grading is associated with the word "Dan" ( black belt ). In Korean martial arts talks about "Gup" as belt level under Dan grad. They are divided into three levels:  Cho - Beginner level, Joong - Middle level and Sang - High level.
There are ten steps from white belt,  up to 1 st Dan Black belt.

The International Jangmookido Federation  was officially established in order to spread it to the world. Jangmookido is based on more than two thousand years of ancient Korean warrior spirit history and has been researched and developed by Jonny Edvinsson to create an extensive and spectacular martial arts by traditional long pole weapons from Korea.
The purpose of Jangmookido is to allow people to have the opportunity to train and develop both mentally, physically and spititually together in a modern martial art of ancient Korean military warfare.
The name Jangmookido is protected and cannot be used without approval from IJF - The International Jangmookido Federation.  
IJF Mission
  • The International Jangmookido Federation is the grovering body for the instruction, practiece and support of Jangmookido in the world.
  • The misson of International Jangmookido Federation is to complete top level instructor for promoting and expenders the highest standards of excellence martial arts - Jangmookido in the world.
  • The International Jangmookido Federation will work to build a relationship of respect and encourage between the different martial art styles within the Jangmookido organization.
  •  The International Jangmookido Federation was founded for purpose of protecting, perserving and pass on the classical Korean martial arts and culture to our modern World.
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