Jangmookido is a way to get away from our stressful world and become yourself for a time, to open the door between the human and nature Jangmookido is fun and challenging form of exercise based on dynamic movements  and the visual power of weapons technologies,
catches the eye and the imagination. Elegant, fluent and powerful is one
way to describe the Jangmookido. The practitioner of Jangmookido need
to have patience, discipline and burning heart warming welcoming to
their training. Jangmookido is the real and complete weapons matrial art
for fitness and health for the whole family. Start your exercising now!
Basic technology of Jangmookido, postures and movements come from Korean buddhist monk training, which is broadly trained in other Korean styls as well, Gicheon and others. Basic techniques and movements are your guide to finding the right stability and strength in your training and in your Life
Body conditioning is very important for martial arts generally and Jangmookido uses unique soft and large movements, to get the body started. Streching and flexibility is obvious in training, some basic rod knowledge techniques in dynamic flows, are the characteristics of Jangmookido as style.
Yuk Hap Tan Gong - The six dynamic positions energy and Won Bee Moo Ki Gong - The flowing weapons energy. Both are perfect for warm-up workouts.

Movements patterns are a training methods that has been deloved to allow you to individually train method of attack and defense. Hyung learn you moving like a Ancient Korean warrior, when you becom one with the long rod, the practitioner gets the benefits of heigher strenght, fokus, coordination, balance, breath control, timing and speed and harmony in the Hyung, wich leads to healthier Lifstyle.

Sparring and struggle is training method where you test skills against a opponent. Sparring will develop qvick reflexes, timing, confidence, sence of distance, effecieny in combat skills, get out your warrior spirit, enurance, toughness and assessment where the practitoner use their great Hyung techniques.
Meditation come from Korean Buddhist monk training and you learn both sitting and moving meditation, without and with weapons and breathing exercise raises the development of inner power or energy and helps to soothe both mind and body. Purpose with breathing in Jangmookido is not only for the sake of health but also for understanding the combat skills of inner beings.
Stab or precision technology towards goals, Jangmookido is in practice, wich increase the pracitioners fokus, strengh, speed, control and accuracy with the weapons. The underlying theories of weapons techniques are mastered through precision training. Harmony of speed, power, reacton time and proper footwork is required to make accurate precision stabs.

The rod rotations make your joints and muscles soft and flexible. When you become one with the rod, so you get the benefis of height strenght, fokus, coordination, balance, breath control, timing and speed in the rod techniques. Once you learn all the basic rod rotations, you can start creating your own free rod energy dance forms (Ung Yong Ki). Build different combinations
with a mix of rod rotations, trix, kicks and body movement etc.

This is the basic for an extensive study of long Korean weapons. By immersing themselves in the training methods, one will understand Jangmookido beauty as a weapons art and complete training concept.

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Become a Certified Jangmookido Instructor! The mission of International Jangmookido Federation is to complete top level instructor for promoting and expenders the highest standards of Martial Arts - Jangmookido in the World.

Apply to our sponstrade instructor and dojang license course, the program are professional designed, it should go fast as possibile to mastery (as long as you are dedicated, it will work out ) If you are one who feels challengs contact Us and
improve your Life!
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Learn the long rod moves and practice anywhere you want - in your garden, at the dojang, in a park or  anywhere you can find a little open space. There is no better way to learn and continually improve your practice than to train with a Certified Jangmookido Instructor. Our workshop available for you!

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