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 Seminars of Jangmookido 

Our Jangmookido seminars are targeted toward people who want to learn traditional long pole weapons, in a new modern unique way.    We have designed different kinds of seminar concept, so you can learn Jangmookido easy and fast on your level.  We have also special  fitness professional and martial arts instuctor training program for you who want to go a step further and want to learn Jangmookido for professional use.

We welcome you to book our seminars here...

Level 1

L1 is an intensive two - day ( 12 hrs ) seminar,  where you`ll
learn the 25  basics "Level 1" of Jangmookido.  Including stances,
attacks, blocks, movements and pushing meditation.  Explore how
to use each techniques individually and then link them together into comprehensive flow,  which we call "Kibon Jangbong"  first basic long
stick "Hyung" main solo form with associated sparring flow "Dae Ryun"

( open to fitness professional, martial arts friends and enthusiasts )

Level 2

L2 is an two - day ( 12 hrs ) seminar,  where you´ll
take your Jangmookido practice to a higher level of
understanding.   Learn 10 basic long stick rotations
and 2 new Hyungs with associated Dae Ryun.   Also,
 4 ways movements for standing meditation and "Bägi" 
test cutting, Putting out the candle light with the long stick.

Level 2 builds upon the strong foundations learned
in Level 1.  Participants will learn how to successfully
perform the Level 2 exercises, as well as how to correctly
integrate the techniques with Level 1 to create extended
long stick flows with an increased degree of complexity
and intensity.  ( L2 is open to anyone who has completed L1 ) 

Advanced Level Flow 

ALF is an intense ( 12 hrs ) seminar focused solely on execute
higher level Jangmookido flow.  Learn 3 new Hyungs with 
associated Dae Ryun movement. You will learn special long
stick trickier techniques and transitions with an emphasis on
dramatizing long stick rotations and bringing them in your own
personal flair, called "Ung Yong Ki"  Learn the six posture meditation
"Yuk Hap Tan Gong"  
 ( ALF is open to anyone who has completed L2 )

Fitness Professional

FP is an intensive ( 12 hrs ) seminar are targeted toward
fitness professional who want to learn how to incorporate
Jangmookido into their own teaching, training and coaching
practices. The seminar FP "Jungbong Fitness" focused on 30 unique,
fun and best moves with the long stick, which transforms the body physically and mentally strong and enduring completely, for all the challenges of every day.   The learning process based on bodywork
in three dimension dynamic movements included twisted, laying,
jumping, static, spinning and crouching. Explore how to use each
movement and then link them together into flows of your own
design and use them in your fitness studio. Elegant, fluent and
powerful is one way to bescribe the Jungbong Fitness.

The Spirit of Jungbong Fitness

                  Your  Body                              Your Thought
Power                                    Think Positive    
                          Speed                                   Do The Right Way
                          Balance                                Respect Other
                          Sweat                                    Never Give Up

( FP is open to anyone who has completed L1 ) 

Master Level 

Master Level are week - long, immersive experience all about
enchancing and applying your Jangmookido practice. Lead by
IJF founder Jonny Edvinsson, the Master Level program are
focused on Dan degree ( black belt ) training and the 7-day agenda
mixes science lectures,  meditation movement practical, tons of
flows practice like Hyung,  Dae ryun, Bägi of different kinds of weapons:
spear, halberd, monk rod and Korean archery etc.  Finally, after many
days of hard and fun training, only the end goal of the trip is the Dan ranking

(Master Level is open to anyone who has completed ALF)

Decide which Master Level you want to immerse yourself in:
               1 Dan  Pal Jang Sa - The Egith Great Warriors Bong
               2 Dan  Byung Jang Dosul - The Military Generals Bong Stratigies
               3 Dan  Byunggi Chongsu - Military Stratigies
               and more...