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             — The Mecca of Jangmookido —


The Hanmoosadojang - World Headquarters for International Jangmookido Federation, where you can also train and study other Korean martial arts:
Hapkido, Taekwondo and Haidong gumdo.

Hanmoosadojang stands for meningful, high quality and challenging workouts, self-defense, weapon mastering, competition and have fun as well as effective fitness for people who demand their training.

Hanmoosadojang is located in middle part of Sweden, in the city Linkoping. Under the guidance of  master jonny edvinsson , our school teaches the traditional fighting arts of Korean Ancient Warrior.


Snickaregatan 35
582 26    Linköping    Sweden

     Hanmoosa means
"The Korean Warrior" or verbatim "The Korean Battle Master"
Philosophically, this means that members of the Hanmoosa should strive to become a master over the body, mentally and physically. To become one with oneself or become a warrior is the goal, to feel good (not hurt) and live longer (to survive) in this battle called Life.
               By     Master Jonny Edvinsson

Hanmoosa training opportunities for the serious student 

Serious students are encouraged to come to the Han Moosa Dojang for extended training periods when possible, as receiving direct transmisson from a true master and founder of an art is a rare and invaluable experience.   Hanmoosa staff can offer assistance in locating Hotels and with other necessary preparations.   Of course, Master jonny edvinsson can hold  seminars in your city of dojang. 
Korean martial arts for everyone is our motto and our key word are...

Community   •    Personal development    •    Exercise joy

   Please, contact  the Han Moosa Dojang to discuss arrangements.