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This website is made for masters, fitness and martial arts friends who want to learn more about Jangmookido. Get experience of the real long bamboo rod flow and transform your mind and body for a better life style.

Jangmookido is a beatiful, dynamic and complete modern long staff fighting martial arts, where everyone on our planet is welcome to study, train and have fun together. For us, curiosity is learning Jangmookido, foundation of our genuid organization "ancient korean warrior" spirit.

Hanmoosadojang - Korean Warrior School
is World Headquarters for the highers standard of excellent martial arts - Jangmookido. The future of our unique art of sport is very strong and we will contribute to your lifelong Jangmookido training and the globalization throght the Instructor Education, Competition, Seminar/Workshop, Fitness Professional Course, Jangmookido Online Action and Geup/Dan Promotion Test, etc.

This website will be the great guide that provides information related to Jangmookido and I hope that you always give us the interest and enthusiastic support, and I wish you all success and happiness in your Jangmookido development and in your life.

Welcome to The World of Jangmookido!

With Great Greetings, 

President     Jonny Edvinsson