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Jangmookido is a way to get away from our stressful world and become yourself for a time, to open the door between the human and nature. Through training with long stick weapons and respecting other people as well as mental and physical flowing body movements, a Jangmookido practitioner can improve their esteem, sleep quality, energy and mood while lowering the risk of stress, depression and dementia.

There are no short ways for neither mental or physical training within Jangmookido.
Only long-term training leads to the goal. Only when you have reached a
technically perfection and reached a developed mental level, can you start
training with the mental release and there with the spontaneous action.
This training process is called spiritual development in Jangmookido

" The True principles of Jangmookido are:
The force you get from the common movement,
with perfection Master yourself "


With the underlying theory of Jangmookido orginal, a practitioner of Jangmookido can create a spiritual power that can be applied both in combat, training and in ordinary human life. This force, called "Ki" is generated at a point just below the navel "Dan Jeon" and with the right exercise and training in Jangmookido, one can aim for goal: To become one with nature, unleash the spontaneous intelligence, the intuition and balance in everyhting. This constitutes Jangmookido to "The way of life" or as the Koguryo great generals wisdoms:

    Yumbi Mu Hwan 

   When you are ready, you do not fear the unknown !

Your Body






Your Thought

         Think Positive
Do The Right Way

Respect Other

Never Give Up

 Generals Concepts:

Ne Gong  
Inner power

Weh Gong  
External force

Shin Gong  
Spiritual force

Pyong Ahn

JMKD Chung Shin 
Jangmookido Spirit

  Warriors Concepts:
Yong Gi
Chung Shin  

In Neh 

Kyum So  

Him Cho Chung  
Control of power

Shin Chook  

Wan Gup 
Speed with control