Jangmookido Chul Hak 


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 Jangmookido is a way to get away from our stressful world and become yourself  for a time, to open the door between the human and nature. Ancient elite warriorship meets modern martial art of sport fitness of long cudgel health.

The long cudgel are weighted, allowing for a fast - moving higher intesity workout, or a heavy slower - paced one. The training actively tons the arms and legs, abdominal, and back muscles, while simultaneously delivering needed attention to organs and nervous system. As with ancient figthing arts, breath controls every movement, so the students can balance body and mind to reach the full potential of each movement and reap its full benefit. Jangmookido students can improve their esteem, sleep qvality, energy and mood while lowering the risk of stress, depression and dementia.  

" The True principles of Jangmookido are:
The force you get from the common movement,
with perfection you can Master yourself



With the underlying theory of Jangmookido orginal, a students of Jangmookido can create a spiritual power that can be applied both in combat, training and in ordinary human life. This force, called "Ki" is generated at a point just below the navel "Dan Jeon" and with the right exercise and training through the Jangmookido, one can aim for goal:     To become one with nature, unleash the spontaneous intelligence, the intuition and balance in everything. This constitutes Jangmookido to"The Way of Life" or as the Koguryo Great Generals Wisdom:

" Yumbi Mu Hwan 

 When you are ready, you do not fear the unknown !
JANG Large, Long and Place
 Generals Concepts: 

Ne Gong  
Internal power

Weh Gong  
External force

Shin Gong  
Spiritual force

Pyong Ahn

JMKD Chung Shin 
Jangmookido Spirit
MOO - Warrior and Fight
    Warrior Concepts: 
Yong Gi
Chung Shin Tong Il  

In Neh 

Kyum So  

Him Cho Chung  
Control of power

Shin Chook  

Wan Gup 
Speed with control

KI - Energy and Power

 Your Body 






DOThe Way,  transferred 
meaning of Life and Philosophy
 Your Thought 

Think Positive
Do The Right Way

Respect Other

Never Give Up

The name Jangmookido can be translated in different Ways:

 "The Great Warriors Path" 


 "The Place where you can study and train 
 the fight yourself 

 Mentally, Physically and Spirityally" 

 "The Way of the Long Weapons"