Instructor Training
International Jangmookido Federation - IJF
We Educate...
Jangmookido instuctors from all aspects including technical ability, knowledge and long staff technology as well as effective teaching skills in all important parts of Jangmookido. We have designed various programs for Jangmookido instructors, to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge practicipants in the art of Jangmookido.
We have worked hard to... 
the future of Jangmookido looks bright and we are martial art masters, for martial arts friends and we know with right education can we produce the next generation of  instructors, masters, legends and world champions. We fokus on bringing long staff flows traditions to our modern World, by dint of Jangmookido. We welcome you to dare take the first step on your IJF instructor career. We are confident to help our instructors to expand Jangmookido, All over the World.
The Programs are divided in several levels...
The first program
"Paljangsa"- The eight great warriors jangbong pattern and sparring are focuses on Keup "color" belt before 1 Dan black belt, that are the basic to be able to open a IJF school.
The second pogram
"Byungjang Dosul" - Military Generals jangbong patters and sparring are something out of the ordinary. The third programs "Byunggi Chongsu" - Military stratigies. Based on others long weapons and the way of thinking. The unique  program’s focuses on attention to detail and therefore it is no suprise that Jangmookido instructors ranked the finest long staff masters in the World.

PAL JANG SA  The Eight Great Warriors
Jangmookido Instructor Training and Certification
Your opportunity to take a deep dive into the world of Jngmookido and reap the benefits of practising this profound Paljangsa Manual

Jangmookido focuses on developing and educating interested people in modern long rod weapons. This means that discipline and respect are paramount. The most important parts of the basic educations are posture, long staff knowledge, clean long staff technology and the disciplined use of Jangmookido long staff.

Structured Education

Training consists of several components...

- Energy tecknology - Ki
- Build muscle, fitness and agility
- Learning basic techniques  
- Teaching and training of movement pattern
- Learning Jangmookido sparring movement
- Long staff rotating
- Kicking techniques   
- Meditation, sitting and moving
- Philosophy of the weapons art Jangmookido
- Cutting and precision training 
- Throw and led technology with weapons
- Self-defense with weapons
- Training in different environment

Long Staff Pattern Manual  (Hyung) 

- Kibon Jangbong
- Ki Cho Jangbong
- Cho Geup Jangbong
- Joong Geup Jangbong
- Goh Geup Jangbong 
- Dae Geup Jangbong 
- Moo Geup Jangbong 
- Ssang Geup Jangbong   

 Types of Certificates Awarded 

  -   Certificate of Dan
 -  School Letter of Approval
 -  Instructor Qvalification

Have you always dreamed of becoming an master/instructor on long staff fighting of martial arts and being able to educate, inspire and assist others people to be able to believe in themselves and start exercising the art Jangmookido health and well-being. Then there is nothing to doubt to start your journey with us as soon as possible.  Jangmookido Paljangsa course are a proven modern instructor system created by professional master to help you achieve your instructor goals. Take a step forward and create the Jangmookido school you always dreamed of. 
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