Competition Rules

International Jangmookido Federation - IJF

Jangmookido competition is divided into branches:
 Dae Ryun • Hyung • Bägi  • Ung Yong Ki • Hoshinsul

Age classes
  •  For Miniors, age limit is from 7 - 11 years, turn 7 year during the competition year.                                                                                                    
  •  For Cadets, age limit is from 12 - 14 years, turn 12 year during the competition year.
  •  For Juniors, age limit is from 14 - 17 years, turn 14 year during the competition year.
  •  For Seniors, age limit is from 16 -, turn 16 year during the competition year.
  •  For Old Boys/Girls, from 35 years and older.

Contestant´s  costume
Whole and pure official Jangmookido suit (dobok) and a belt corresponding to the degree holder.   The competitior must not wear anything that could harm the opponent.

Medical Control
Use and handling of agents and chemical substances described in the IOC´s doping rules is prohibited.

The obligations of the praticipant
Competitors must know and follow competition rules and regulations. Competitors must follow the code of good etiquette in martial arts.

  • Men and Women compete in the same class
  •  Upper limit of Dan is 3 Dan
  •  To compete as a beginner, the contestant must have  the grade 9 - 5 Gup
  •  To compete as an advanced competitor must compete have the grade 4 - 1 Gup                                                                             
  •  To compete as an elite, competitors must have the grade 1 Dan - 3 Dan

Evaluation criteria
Scoring will be based on the following criteria: 
Stances, Movement, Breathing, Force, Elegance, Difficulty, Kihap, Understanding, Etiquette and Unity.

  • The score range ranges from 6 points to perfect points 10
  • The points must be calculated on the basics that the highest and lowest points have been deducted. The aggregate score becomes the total point.
  •  In the case of "Gam-jeom" through prohibited acts or time transfers, credit deductions shall be made on the total score.

Prohibited Documents
The following documents shall be defined as prohibited documents and "Gam-jeom, -0,5 points, shall be awarded.
  • Statement of unwanted comments and other unsportsmanlike conduct by contestant or coach.
  • Competitor or coach who otherwise interferes with other competitors or officials. 
Conduct of Competiton

Hyung / Ung Yong Ki
  • Call of contestants
  •  Physical inspection of the weapon
  •  Entrance to competition area
  •  Pre and post procedures                                                                                      
  1.  Contestants wait until the mat is emty from the previous contestant, after the finisher sign from the coordinator bows the contestant at the entrance to the mat and then goes to the marked starting point and awaits the finisher sign from the judging panel.                                                                                               
  2.  The round then starts with the contestant bowing at his own command against the judging panel.                                                            
  3.  After completing the program, contastants should return to the starting point and then await the results of the judging.                     
  4.  After the judges announce their points, contestants bow to the judging panel.                                                                                                 
  5.  Competitors leave the competition area at the same point as at the entrance to the carpet                                                                                                             
Ung Yong Ki
Time for executing a Ung Yong Ki program must not exceed 1 minute and 30 seconds