The International Jangmookido Federation - IJF
— "The Power of Unity"

One of International Jangmookido Federation missions, is to provide top level instruction and training opportunities to martial arts practitioners around the world, while uniting everyone in the shared values of the Jangmookido. Therefore, we should train more instructors to reach the goal. The IJF is committed to creating an experience that enchances the skills, instruction, camaraderie, philosophy in spirit of the
Korean martial art — Jangmookido.

We Educate...
Jangmookido instuctors from all aspects including technical ability, knowledge and long weapons technology as well as effective teaching skills in all important parts of Jangmookido. We have designed a sponsored program for Jangmookido instructors, to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge practicipants in this program are taught in professional manner to represent the International Jangmookido Federation. 
The Program are divided in several levels...
The first program "Paljangsa"- The eight great warriors bong patters and sparring are focuses on Gup "color" belt before 1 Dan black belt, that are the basic to be able to open a IJF school. The second pogram "Byungjang Dosul" - Military Generals bong patters and sparring are something out of the ordinary. The third and fourth programs "Byunggi Chongsu" - Military stratigies and "Byung Hak Tong" - Mastery of Military. Both based on others long weapons and the way of thinking.
The unique  program’s focuses on attention to detail and therefore it is no suprise that Jangmookido instructors ranked the finest long weapons masters in the World.
We think that... 
The future of Jangmookido is strong and we are martial artists, for martial arts friends and we know with right training can we education the next generation of masters, legends and world champions. We fokus on bringing traditions to our modern World, by dint of Jangmookido. We welcome you to dare take the first step on your IJF instructor career. We are confident to help our instructors to expand Jangmookido, All over the World.
We welcome and invite
you to come visit soon!

Disciplines och training components
in Jangmookido


Jangmookido focuses on developing and educating interested people in traditional Korean long weapons. This means that discipline, respect and securite are paramount. The most important parts of the educations are posture, weapons knowledge, clean weapons technology and the disciplined use of Jangmookido traditional weapons.

Structured Education

Training consists of several components...

- Energy tecknology - Ki
- Buil muscle, fitness and agility
- Learning basic techniques  
- Roll techniques with weapons
- Teaching and training of movement patters
- Learning Jangmookido sparring movement
- Rod rotations
- Kicking techniques   
- Meditation, sitting and moving
- Philosophy of the weapons art Jangmookido
- Precision training
- Throw and led technology with weapons 
- Self defense with weapons
- Clean of weapons after cutting techniques
- Training in different environment


Different kinds of traditional weapons
- Rod Weapons
- Spear Weapons
- Halberd Weapons
- Sledgehammer Weapons
- Buddhist Monk Weapons        

   and more...

Types of Certificates Awarded
 -  Certificate of Dan
 - School Letter of Approval
  -  Instructor Qvalification
  -  Master Qvalification (over 3Dan)
  -  Seminar Completion