is a training form of body work where you get the opportunify  to develop Yourself, Your personality and
r physique. Jangmookido is a dynamic and powerful
martial arts, it is a soothing exercise form, which is designed
to strengthen your joints and muscles as well as
mental power properly...
Jangmookido is a way to get away from our stressful world and become yourself for a time, to open the door between the human and nature. Through training with the rigor of weapons and respecting other people as well as mental and physical flowing body movements, a Jangmookido practitioner can improve their esteem, sleep quality, energy and mood while lowering the risk of stress, depression and dementia.
The True principles of Jangmookido are:
The force you get from the common movement,
you should perfection Master yourself  

With the underlying theory of Jangmookido orgin, a practitioner of Jangmookido can create a spiritual power that can be applied both in combat, training and in ordinary human life. This force, called "Ki" is generated at a point just below the navel "Dan Jeon" and with the right exercise and training in Jangmookido, one can aim for goal: To become one with nature, unleash the spontaneous intelligence, the intuition and balance in everyhting. this constitutes Jangmookido to "The way of life" or as the Goguryeo great general wisdoms:

                                    Yumbi Mu Hwan 

   When you are ready, you do not fear the unknown !
 Generals Concepts:

Ne Gong  
Inner power

Weh Gong  
External force

Shin Gong  
Spiritual force

Pyong Ahn

JMKD Chung Shin 
Jangmookido Spirit

  Warriors Concepts:

Yong Gi
Chung Shin  

In Neh 

Kyum So  

Him Cho Chung  
Control of power

Shin Chook  

Wan Gup 
Speed with control