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Disciplines och training components in Jangmookido


Jangmookido focuses on developing and educating interested people in traditional Korean long weapons. This means that discipline, respect and securite are paramount. The most important parts of the educations are posture, weapons knowledge, clean weapons technology and the disciplined use of Jangmookido traditional weapons.

Structured Education

Training consists of several components...

- Energy tecknology - Ki
- Buil muscle, fitness and agility
- Learning basic techniques  
- Roll techniques with weapons
- Teaching and training of movement patters
- Learning Jangmookido sparring movement
- Rod rotations
- Kicking techniques   
- Meditation, sitting and moving
- Philosophy of the weapons art Jangmookido
- Precision training
- Throw and led technology with weapons 
- Self defense with weapons
- Clean of weapons after cutting techniques
- Training in different environment

Different kinds of traditional weapons
- Rod Weapons
- Spear Weapons
- Halberd Weapons
- Sledgehammer Weapons
- Monk Weapons        

and more...

The IJF was founded for the purpose of protecting and preserving the classical Korean martial arts. Jangmookido are a form of family body work that makes it possible to realize ones true self, purify the soul and elevate the spirit of this historical martial art of Korea and protect and preserving Jangmookido for all years ahead.

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